Student Welcome Back Corn Boil

Each year, the HandS team host a back-to-school corn boil for both the Jr. and Sr. Students.

When the students arrive, they will kick off their day by shucking corn at the morning bell. As lunchtime approaches, our senior students will gather in the backyard to join their junior counterparts for a delightful corn feast. We’ve got the corn and music covered, so all you have to do is send along a light lunch and some snacks!

Corn Boil

Thursday, September 14th 2023

🌽 We can’t make this event awesome without your help!

We’re looking for volunteers to join us and be be part of the corn-tastic crew.

Sign up today, and be sure to tell your friends so you can volunteer together!

What to Expect

Home & School will provide the corn. Please be sure to pack a lunch and butter &/or salt.

Corn will be prepared for students with allergies in a controlled environment. We have a list of students provided by the school, however please feel free to advise us of any concerns by email.

Braces? No problem!
We will have cups of corn for any student who cannot enjoy it off the cob!