When you’re shopping, you’re fundraising!

Purchase gift cards through Fundscrip to pay for your regular shopping, or as gifts for holidays, and a 2%-15% percentage of the value card is donated to our school!

Over 100 retailers to choose from!

Grocery, Gas, restaurants, SAQ, Wal-Mart, Chapters, and many more!

What retailers are on Fundscrip?

Visit the Fundscrip website and click on Retailers and then Participating retailers to discover over 100 retailers that are available.

How do I receive my cards?

There are 2 ways to order and receive your Fundscrip gift cards:

Direct shipping option
mailbox filled with white envelopes

Direct postage via Canada Post for only $1!

Sign up at using our school code XR6ERY.
Select your cards, add them to your cart and choose the “direct shipping” option at checkout.

The cards are delivered directly to your mailbox within a few days. Note that there is a limit of 4 cards and/or $500 per order.

Learn how you can qualify for free shipping!

Directly from HandS
circle of multi-coloured handprints

We keep a box of the most popular cards on-hand and a dedicated HandS volunteer can arrange to get the cards to you.
Check out the list of cards we have available. If we don’t have the cards you want, we will buy them for you!
Email us or message us on Facebook to order your cards or use this order form.

Additional FundScrip documents: