Community Outreach

The SJF school community believes in giving back to the community! SJF HandS supports the community in the following ways:

Community Walk

Fran Lowry Blood Drive

Each winter, SJF HandS assists the friends and family of Fran Lowry with their annual blood drive by providing baked goods and volunteers if needed.

Fran Lowry was a loving mother and wife and a generous person who was a big part of the community. She was loved by many and this blood drive is hosted annually, in her honour, by St John Fisher Elementary.

At the height of the blood scare in the 80s, Fran Lowry, who had given much of her life back to the community, needed emergency surgery related to the cancer she was fighting. Unfortunately, her blood type was very rare and with the blood shortage, in order for her to be provided the blood necessary to have her surgery, she was told that she would need to get the equivalent number of pints of blood donated. That afternoon in January, phone calls were frantically made and by late evening, 98 people had turned up downtown to the Red Cross and donated in her name. Although Fran Lowry did not survive, the blood that was donated was able to make a difference for others and for that reason, the blood drive has been held in her name every year since.

To learn more about blood donation and how you can support Hema-Québec, click on their logo.

Quebec Federation of Home & School Associations

The QFHSA offers a wide verify of resources and workshops for children & parents alike. Explore all the QFHSA has to offer:

FRED Foundation

Grade 4 Vaccines

Every year we assist in the Quebec government in-school vaccination program where the students receive their first dose of Hepatitis A and B Vaccination (Twinrix®) along with their first dose of  HPV vaccine (Gardasil 9®).

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