Bobbie Boxes – Halloween Coins

Bobbie (FRED) Halloween piggy banks are back!
Coin collection boxes for Halloween Night

Halloween is fast approaching, and children are eager to go trick-or-treating.

However, this holiday wouldn’t be successful if it didn’t allow all children to join hands and support each other in celebrating it, like children with type 1 diabetes.

Beginning in 2018, the Halloween Boxes support the Diabetic Children’s Foundation / Fondation Ressources pour les Enfants Diabétiques (FRED). Known at SJF as “Bobbie’s Boxes”, in honour of a SJF student with type 1 diabetes, the funds raised allow FRED to helps diabetic children and their families live better the daily challenges of Type 1 Diabetes in Quebec, and ensures a unique experience of Camp Carowanis (a specialized summer camp for diabetic children and teens).

Small piggy banks with big ambitions!

Dozens of schools across Quebec choose to support our cause on Halloween night. In fact, since Fred started the Halloween night fundraising movement, over $155,000 has been raised for the cause.

And every year, new schools follow suit thanks to the commitment of parents, friends, and school staff.

For more information:
FRED Foundation

How to Donate

  1. Find your child(rens) boxes in their backpacks
  2. Together, assemble the boxes and explain what they are for, how to collect coins, and who the funds raised help.
  3. Tell friends, family, and neighbours that your kiddo(s) will be collecting coins while trick-or-treating
  4. Collect tons of candies, and coins!
  5. Send the coins back to school
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