Editions Vaudreuil school supply orders

School supply shopping made easy with Editions Vaudreuil!

Save yourself the headache of school supply shopping while fundraising for our school! It is easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

  1. Place your order by:
    Sat., July 16, 2022.
  2. Pick up your order at Junior campus on:
    Wednesday, August 17.
  3. Label your supplies and send them to school with your child

Pro tip: order labels from Mabel’s Labels or Oliver’s Labels!

Access Codes 2022

Use the codes below to order directly on Editions Vaudreuil’s website. The Editions Vaudreuil website will begin taking orders as of now.

  • Kindergarten 4 years : 22sjf-k4
  • Kindergarten 5years : 22sjf-k5
  • 1e année : 22sjf-p1
  • 2e année : 22sjf-p2
  • 3e année : 22sjf-p3
  • 4e année : 22sjf-p4
  • 5e année : 22sjf-p5
  • 6e année : 22sjf-p6

Note to parents of Gr 4 & 5 students: The scrapbook is back-ordered until mid-September. Principal Shizgal has confirmed that you can proceed with the order; the scrapbook does not need to be on hand the first days of school.

School lists

To view the school lists, please visit the schools website:

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