SJF Book Bingo: the winners are…

Thank you so much to all the young readers who participated in our first SJF Book Bingo. We hope you enjoyed this fun activity and discovered some wonderful books you would not have otherwise chosen.

In order to preserve the privacy of our students, we will post the winners’ first name and grade level only. All winners will be contacted via the email address provided on their bingo sheet.

Congratulations to the winners!

Each of the winners below will be given an Indigo/Chapters gift card (purchased with our Fundscrip fundraising program), as follows:

  1. First place = $25
  2. Second place = $15
  3. Third place = $10
  4. Fourth place = $10

Junior school winners

  1. Michael A. – Gr. 2
  2. Haley F. – Gr. 1
  3. Alessandro J. – Gr. 1
  4. Quinton H. – Gr. K-5

Senior school winners

  1. Nathan F. – Gr. 3
  2. Zara C. – Gr. 5
  3. Ella S. – Gr. 4
  4. Emily A. – Gr. 6

Winners were selected by 2 random draws, one per campus. Kindly note that the draw was recorded, however we are not sharing it publicly because the children’s full names are visible. If you wish to see the video of the draw, contact us and we will send you the link.

Learn more about the SJF Book Bingo activity.

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