Coffee and Hot Chocolate Fundraiser

Help the school and a local business by keeping warm with a hot cup of coffee/hot chocolate or espresso!

St John Fisher Home and School has teamed up with Café Gourmet to offer you some delicious coffee and hot chocolate throughout the Winter. 

Buy a bag of coffee or hot chocolate for $5 and HandS will earn $2.25 for every bag you buy in order to to provide treats to the SJF staff! Decaf coffee is also available for $7/bag. Place orders monthly and ensure you never run out of coffee or hot chocolate!

How does it work?

How you participate:

  1. Choose items you want to buy:
    • 1/2 pound bag of coffee = $5
    • 1/2 pound bag of espresso = $5
    • 1 pound bag of hot chocolate = $5
    • 1/2 pound bag of decaf coffee = $7
  2. Fill out the online order form and make your payment to HandS

Then what?

  • HandS will submit all orders on the 15th of every month
  • Café Gourmet will deliver straight to your door before the end of the month.

What else you need to know?

  • Delivery fee is $5. Expect 2 weeks for delivery.
    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pick up or delivery to school are not an option.
  • The coffee is a medium roast, full bodied blend of Colombian and Brazilian, .
  • Payments should be made to St. John Fisher Home and School online via:

This will be an ongoing fundraiser so you can replenish your stock as you need. Orders will be given to Café Gourmet on the 15th of each month.

Why are we fundraising?

The members of Home & School voted to earmark the earnings from this fundraiser to treat the amazing staff at the 2 campuses who have been working hard to keep our kids safe and engaged in learning. We will be hosting SJF Staff Coffee Hour regularly throughout the year. We are committed to keeping staff morale high so that our kids continue to love learning at SJF. Your support of this fundraiser will make this happen so thank you for your orders!

Like this idea? All plans for fund allocations are proposed to the membership for vote at the monthly meetings. Want to vote? Have an idea? Not a member yet? Sign up to become a member today to vote on how Home and School funds are allocated.

For more information on the products, visit

Thank you for your continued support!

** In order for HandS to allocate the maximum of funds raised back to the school and its students, every effort is made to keep operating expenses low. But covering the PayPal credit card fee you are helping us make that possible! Please add $1 to your payment (for every $25 you are sending) to cover the PayPal credit card fee. There are no fees when using PayPal with a debit card. Thank you!!

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