Fall 2020 Fundraiser

SJF’s Fall 2020 fundraiser has ended!

If you liked this fundraiser and would like for us to bring it back, let us know! Alternatively, if you did not like it or have ideas for a different fundraiser, also let us know.

Your feedback matters! Email us or come to a meeting.

This fundraiser is online only. Take a look at the online catalogue and register to enter the shopping website using school code 7514

Click on image to view the catalogue.
Order by November 12, 2020

Wrap, cards, accessories, holiday gifts and gadgets are just some of the things you will find in this 48 page holiday shopper! Click the image to browse the catalogue and start shopping. 

Your order will be shipped directly to your home. Orders greater than $100 benefit from free shipping so ask your family, friends and neighbours and bundle your order!

All online orders receive a FREE GIFT at checkout!

Register using our school code 7514 to place your online order. Be sure to order by November 12th so SJF can earn 40% of your order.

Your participation will help us reach our fundraising goal and we thank you in advance for your support. Happy Shopping!

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